The dissertation research generated from this project was based largely upon conversations with the participating artist. Most of these talks were recorded as part of the data collection process (so they could be listened to repeatedly and coded for emerging themes). Below are a few of the conversations. Each of these individuals has such a depth of knowledge about wolves and their art practices–please enjoy their unique POV’s and deep insight about humans and wolves.

Ryan Law on being with other species

Wolf sketch by Ryan Law.

Lil’ Raindrop (Pam Armtrout) talks about being called to paint wolves

Artist Lil’ Raindrop at her Spokane, Wa studio.

Carter Niemeyer talks about his path from wolfer to educator

Carter Niemeyer with a taxidermic wolf. (Photo David Grelock Yusem)

Diane Boyd tells true wolf stories — with science & art

Diane Boyd working in the field, tracking wolves.

Bob Landis witnesses Yellowstone wolves

Bob Landis, left, shooting sunset in Yellowstone (photo David Grelock Yusem)