The Place

The participants in this project all live within the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) corridor, a region of North America that conservationists are working diligently to maintain as contiguous wild land.

Stretching some 2,000 miles in length (3,218 km), the Yellowstone to Yukon region is one of the last intact mountain ecosystems left on Earth. It is home to the full suite of wildlife species that existed when European explorers first arrived and it is the source of clean, safe drinking water to 15 million North Americans.

Y2Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Did you know it was even possible to have a 2,000 mile stretch of wild land in North America? It is, and the Y2Y coalition is doing it. Please follow their work and help champion their progress.

Map (illustrated by Justin Devine) showing the general location of the artists in this project. (This is just a portion of the Y2Y region!)