“Therein lies the social significance of art: it is constantly at work, educating the spirit of the age, conjuring up the forms in which the age is most lacking.”

C.G. Jung
(S. Grelock Yusem)

Wolf Lost & Found is a project to tell the new stories that are arising about our interconnection with wolves and other species. The project is focused around the US piece of the Yellowstone to Yukon Corridor, a proposed wildlife corridor that can help secure vital wildlife habitat in North America.

Who better to tell those stories than artists and scientists who are deeply concerned with wolf conservation? Artists, including storytellers, fine artists, and performance artists, are creating unique pieces about wolves. Biologists, who have worked closely with wolves in the field, are often the best storytellers about wolves, and they also use the arts to communicate their experiences. This site documents these works, through podcasts and blog posts highlighting interviews with these individuals. In many ways, their compassion and sensitivity  are enabling them to reveal new songlines in North America — a new layer to the myth of humans and wolves.

This work is a part of my dissertation research work, which began in 2015 at Pacifica Graduate Institute. (The final dissertation can be seen here.) My program was in Depth Psychology program with an emphasis on community, liberation, and ecopsychology. True to the ethos of these disciplines, the project aims to merge academic work with action and engages with co-researchers in the discovery of new knowledge. If you have thoughts or ideas about the topics here, please email me or connect with me via Linkedin.

Susan Grelock Yusem

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