Pam Armtrout talks about being called to paint wolves

“Painting is a gift to me entrusted by my ancestors. I received this gift later in life after traveling down long roads of uncertainty.” Pam Armtrout

Pam Armtrout is a self-taught artist in Spokane Valley, Washington who paints animal faces, as well as blends of human and animal faces. Wolves and bears feature prominently in her striking acrylic paintings. I came across Pam’s work  when I was planning to visit Spokane — I did an online search of artists in the area and came upon an article about her in her local paper. On March 23, 2016 we met at her home, and she spoke about her work and how she came upon painting.

Pam Armtrout in her studio in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Pam spent part of her childhood in Canada and often walked in woods where wolves lived. Even then, she says she felt close to them and not afraid. Today, her wolf paintings often start by looking the wolves directly in the eyes. She says, “When I see their eyes it’s like I’m seeing into their soul and they’re looking at me.”

Listen to more of our conversation to hear about how Pam’s relationship with other species has evolved with her artwork.

Wolf Eyes painting by Pam Armtrout

Connect with Pam (Lil Rain Drop) here

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