Ryan Law on being with other species

“I think that art can be a vehicle and it doesn’t always have to be an overt connection, but just a connection…The connection has to be (between) that and uswe.”   Ryan Law

Ryan Law is a multi-media artist as well as a wildlife rehabilitator who lives in Moscow, Idaho. She takes in and cares for the animals that are typically considered pests, like raccoons and skunks. Her sculptures and paintings are often a memorial or homage to the animals she has known, although she has also created work about species she has never met but has felt called to represent. As Ryan says, “Sometimes the animal…comes to you and says ‘My voice needs to be heard.'”

One of a series of elephant sculptures that Ryan is creating in her studio.

Through all her work, as an artist and rehabilitator, Ryan is working to respond to this call and give voice to other species. In March 2016 we sat down and talked about animals and art and, especially, the revolutionary potential of being present with another species.

See more of Ryan’s work here

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